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The MSPCA's legislative and public policy work is essential to bring about long-term change for animals. We work locally and nationally to improve animal protection laws and regulations. This work is sustained through our volunteer Animal Action Team members who write letters, make phone calls, attend lobby days at the State House and meet with legislators to help improve the lives of animals.

Advocacy Trainings Scheduled
Looking to make a bigger difference for animals? We have set up some Lobby 101 workshops this fall. Check out the schedule.

Do you know a great ACO?
Nominations for animal control officer of the year were due on September 15th. The chosen ACO will be announced on Oct 17. Read more.

Speak Out for Animals
Thank you to everyone who attended Lobby Day for Animals on March 18, 2014 at the State House. There are many ways to speak for those who can't: take action on legislation, use the media to raise awareness for animals, attend an animal advocacy training session, and/or join us to testify on animal bills; some haven't yet had a hearing despite a busy fall season at the State House.  

Circus Cruelty
See the result of the poll on S. 1626.  Are you concerned about animals in entertainment? Do you think that lions, tigers, bears, and elephants should be forced to perform tricks to entertain people? Some people think of animals in circuses as tradition - but they don't realize how much cruelty is behind this 'tradition'. Learn more about the circus on our website and in a new article,"The Cruelest Show on Earth". 

What happened in 2014?
Formal sessions in the Mass. legislature ended July 31, 2014. See what's happened so this session.

Do your legislators have pets?
Visit to find out.

Shelter and Rescue Regulation
We've testified for several years on bills that deal with the regulation of shelters and rescue groups. We have expressed our concern about the bills being broad and with some of the language. We testified on 9/24/13 on these regulations proposed by the Dept. of Agricultural ResourcesSee also the Mass. Animal Coalition for more information.

Got Critters?
The MSPCA's Intruder Excluder can help you to figure out which wild animals are turning your house into their home and what you can do to humanely encourage them to move elsewhere.

Donate to Advocacy
You're interested in legislation, so you understand how important our work is to animals in Massachusetts. Please support our efforts with a donation to the Advocacy Department.